About the Journal


Journal of Information Technology (JIT) is a journal that focuses on new research addressing information, management, and communication technologies applied to the digital world of business, government, and non-government enterprises. The journal is particularly interested in research that addresses emerging technologies and their convergence including SMAC (social media, mobile, analytics, cloud) and BRAID (blockchain, robotics, knowledge work automation, internet of things, and digital fabrication).

JIT focuses on empirical research and critical analyses of technology development, use, management and impact. Subjects covered include strategy, change, infrastructure, human resources, resources, system development and implementation, IT risk, data science, communications, technological development and the future, national policies and standards. JIT also has a strong track record of publishing articles that advance the understanding and application of research approaches and methods.

The journal publishes work from all disciplinary perspectives, theories and methodologies. The journal is designed to be read by researchers, academics, lecturers, and advanced students in Information Systems, Management and Information Science, as well as IT developers, consultants, software vendors, and senior business and IT executives seeking the latest information on current experiences and future prospects related to contemporary information and communication technologies.